Seaming a Sweater Sleeve


1.      After blocking all pieces, lay out the pieces with the wrong side facing up.


2.      Using a blocking wire, “baste” the sleeve to the body (with right sides together) by weaving the blocking wire through both pieces of fabric about 3 stitches from the ends


Arm Layed Out

Arm Basting

Arm Basting





3.      Seam the two pieces together by slip stitching them together with a crochet hook.

4.      Insert the crochet hook through the top two loops of both pieces

  1. Pull a loop through the two pieces,
  2. Insert the crochet hook back through the two pieces and pull a loop through both pieces and the initial loop
  3. Continue pulling a loop through both pieces and the yarn loop on the crochet hook

Arm Basting 2

Arm First Stitch

Arm Slip Stitch




8.      Here’s what the final stitch will look like (on the wrong side)

9.      Here’s what the final seam will look like (on the right side)


Arm Stitch

Arm Finished