100 Things About Me

January 9, 2003


1.         I am a gay man, although I believe that most people (including myself) are somewhat bi-sexual

2.         I have brown hair and blue eyes

3.         I have been with my current partner, Thaddeus, since 1983

4.         I was born on April 4, 1959 in Albany, NY

5.         I am an Aries with Pisces rising…I’m very influenced by both signs

6.         I have a private pilot’s license and I’m rated to fly single-engine planes

7.         The last time I cried was watching the movie Signs (I often cry at movies)

8.         I am an extremely nosey person and love hearing gossip

9.         My biggest passion is knitting

10.      I’m the middle child of seven

11.      I have absolutely no aptitude for playing musical instruments (despite many attempts)

12.      My middle name is Raymond and my father’s name was Raymond and his middle name was Joseph…I like that

13.      I hate being cold, I would rather sweat than be the least bit chilly

14.      I haven’t had an alcoholic beverage in over 15 years, and I’m not a recovering alcoholic

15.      I derive a significant amount of my self-worth from my job

16.      I’m a project manager for a management consulting firm

17.      My father died of a heart attack at the age of 43…I will be 44 in 2003

18.      I consider myself a very proficient writer

19.      I consider running/jogging to be the most efficient weight maintenance exercise for myself

20.      I have to work very hard to exhibit artistic creativity…it doesn’t come naturally

21.      I got a combined 1240 on my SAT’s in High School

22.      I have a BA degree from Rutgers College with a double major in Business Administration and French

23.      I can still speak French pretty well, plus some Spanish and some Italian…I continue to work on my English

24.      I love when my phone rings

25.      My favorite author is John Irving

26.      My favorite book is Cider House Rules

27.      I am considered very liberal in my political and social views

28.      I took the est training in 1979 and it had a significant impact on the course of my life

29.      My biggest regret is not going on a second interview with Banque Nationale de Paris after I graduated college

30.      Someone once told me that every third life that you live is a “gimme” where you don’t have to make up for karmic mistakes…I think this life is my “gimme” life

31.      I take great pride in how I wrap gifts

32.      I consider myself to be a recovering Catholic (see I even have to capitalize it)

33.      Up until the age of 10, I had to pretend to do the pledge of allegiance to figure out which was my right hand

34.      I used to compete against Billy Murphy and Fred Pine in 3rd grade math quizzes.  Billy usually beat me and I usually beat Fred.

35.      I hate drinking water despite how good I know it is to do so

36.      I enjoy doing boring, repetitive tasks such as stuffing envelopes

37.      I believe that chiropractic helps people maintain general health

38.      I was a grammar school finalist in our school’s spelling bee one year and lost on the word “capsize”, the winner from our school went on to the national finals and lost by misspelling “boutonniere”

39.      I think the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy is ridiculous

40.      I hate confrontation and go to great lengths to avoid it

41.      I was considered an incredible geek all the way through high school

42.      I have an incredible sweet tooth…there have been extended times in my life where I ate over one pound of candy every day

43.      I don’t enjoy the sensation of being high on marijuana…I used to smoke in college because I had a crush on this guy named Joe and he smoked in his underwear

44.      I drive like an asshole when I’m in my car by myself

45.      I’ve been published three times, twice in books dealing with GLBT issues at work and once in a monthly accounting magazine for a business article

46.      I was in a fist fight only once in my life in 5th grade with Rick Pilardo

47.      I’m ashamed to admit that I voted for Ronald Reagan for president twice

48.      I’m planning on retiring by the age of 52 at the latest

49.      I love good restaurants

50.      I didn’t realize that there were people who were less intelligent than I until I was with my first lover at the age of 21

51.      I often correct people when they use the word “good” instead of “well” or “who” instead of “whom”

52.      I learned most of my English grammar in French classes

53.      I was never an altar boy despite desperately wanting to be one

54.      I consider myself a very spiritual person, but not a religious one

55.      I gained the majority of my spirituality and relationship with a higher power through my participation in the Catholic church

56.      I let my partner pick all movies that we see

57.      My favorite movie of all time is “House of Yes”

58.      My pick for worst movie of all time is “Autumn in New York”

59.      I have a high tolerance for physical pain

60.      My sense of smell isn’t very strong

61.      I can be brutally honest, so don’t ask me if  you don’t want to know the truth

62.      I can also be an amazing sycophant (ass-kisser)

63.      I wear a “wedding” band on my right ring finger to signify I’m in a relationship that is not recognized legally

64.      I took a course in American Sign Language once and I hated it

65.      I enjoy taking baths more than showers

66.      I loved the Broadway show “Rent”

67.      My childhood pet was a female German Shepherd named Lance

68.      I used to count money on Sundays for my church (LOTS of it)

69.      I have never been pierced or tattooed

70.      I make a great cookie and I don’t rely on a recipe

71.      I love lima beans, okra, beets and brussel sprouts

72.      I don’t like sun-dried tomatoes

73.      My best friend in grammar school was a semi-famous actor who had a regular part in the TV series Dallas for about a year

74.      My favorite color is red

75.      I look good in blues and purples

76.      I have no patience for teaching other people

77.      I always averaged about a “B” grade in all levels of schooling and I never worked hard to achieve that

78.      I swear a lot and have to be careful to not do that when children are around

79.      I’ve never had sexual intercourse with a woman

80.      I rarely read directions

81.      I love opening mail

82.      I am not a very organized person

83.      On a scale of one to ten where one is a skin-flint and ten is a spendaholic, I’d rate myself an eight

84.      My favorite ice cream is Hagen Daaz Dulce de Leche

85.      I love fountain pens and stationery

86.      I think that thank you notes are important

87.      I am a morning person and definitely not a night-owl

88.      My idea of a good vacation is going to a beach destination, staying in a great hotel with lots of good restaurants in the area

89.      I have a terrible memory for most day-to-day things, although I can remember a sequence of menu options on a computer program for months

90.      I have practiced for years reducing large numbers to their numerological equivalent and I’m very fast at it

91.      I am a second degree Reiki practitioner

92.      I don’t understand why people use commercial pancake mixes when making them by scratch is so easy

93.      I have no talent whatsoever for arranging flowers

94.      I prefer lots of small bills to the equivalent amount in larger denominations of currency

95.      I plan on being cremated when I die

96.      My favorite singing artist is a hardly known woman named Happy Rhodes

97.      The only organized sport I’ve ever participated was Cross Country in High School

98.      I typed approximately 80 words per minute when last tested

99.      I have had successful laser eye surgery in 1999 to correct near-sightedness and an astigmatism in both eyes

100.   I plan on skydiving one day