Welcome to the first entry in my personal knitting blog!

Welcome to the first entry in my personal knitting blog!

First, a little about me. I’m a 43 year old gay man, and I’ve been in a relationship with my partner for 19 years (as of Friday of this week).

I’ve been knitting for about 18 years, and it is my primary passion in life. I learned to knit by reading a basic pattern book from the early 1900’s from Paton’s. As such, I taught myself to make men’s underwear as one of my first projects. They were made in fine baby-weight merino wool, and looked a lot like the boxer-briefs that you can buy today. Going back to my roots, I just purchased some off-white baby-weight merino to make myself underwear again.

I’ve knit sweaters, socks, blankets, felted purses and slippers, toys, afghans, hats and gloves. I make a lot of gifts, and I also knit a lot for my partner and myself. I always have multiple projects being worked on. Right now, I’m actively working on a sweater kit from Scotland for my partner’s sister (I call her my sister-out-of-law). She bought the kit expecting to knit it herself, but never got to it. I finally convinced her to bring it to me so she could at least have the sweater as a remembrance of her trip to Scotland (instead of a bag of wool).

I’ve also got a Koigu kit for an Oriental Jacket that’s ¼ finished, an afghan experiment to replicate something my partner’s grandmother made for him, and a few other projects that I wouldn’t exactly say were being actively worked on.

I do some designing for a local yarn store near my home, so you can see additional pictures of me modeling some of my work if you go to http://www.simplyknit.com/.

I’ll eventually be putting pictures of my handiwork out here as I work on it so you can get a sense about how much I actually knit.

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