Second Lame Post

Second Pathetic Post

I should have known that my blog would be really pathetic. I have so little time that I want to give up to be able to keep this thing up to date…but I must. It also took me 11 days do decide whether I wanted to pay to have pictures…hopefully I’ll figure out how to add pictures now that I’ve paid the premium.

I ended up finishing the knitting part of my sister-out-of-law’s sweater from Scotland. The design was fabulous, the yarn, scratchy. It is a beautiful color. Once I figure out how to use my new upgraded status, I’ll post a picture.

I started on my partner’s niece’s sweater for one of her Christmas gifts. The first (and only) sweater I made here years ago was a beautiful child’s cardigan that I did in leftover yarns from a Kaffe Fassett kit that I made. I used mostly purples (her favorite color still), and did multi-color stripes, interspersed with black stripes. It truly was beautiful in those Rowan yarns. I wish I had a picture…I wish I knew how to post a picture.

Anyway, when I gave her the first sweater (she was around 4 years old), I gave it as a Christmas gift. My partner and I kept telling her how much she was going to like this gift because we were so excited about it. But as any of the readers who are parents will already know, she could have cared less about a “stupid sweater”. She actually cried from the disappointment. She didn’t wear it for over a year after I gave it to her. When she did finally start wearing it, she liked it a lot. So much so, that she has asked me to make her a sweater for this Christmas (she’s 11 now).

The sweater is a purple cabled pullover with a zipper and a hood. I got the pattern from White Birches (as part of a monthly installment of patterns to add to a binder collection). The yarn I’m using is Cascade Leisure, a Alpaca/Cotton blend boucle. The manufacturer calls for US10.5 needles, but that has got to be a mistake. I’m using US8’s and I could easily go down one more size. The boucle doesn’t show the cabling very well, but it is incredibly soft. I think she’ll like it.

My burnt umber, patterned pullover (my own design) got rave reviews at dinner with my sisters and mother last week. My sister Kathy asked me to make her one (just not in burnt umber). That will be my next project, but I will also probably start on the bedspread using the kid alpaca I just purchased. So Kathy won’t get her sweater for Christmas, but I told her not to expect that anyway.

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