patterned pullover

Thanksgiving Week

Given that this was a short work week, and there weren’t a lot of client “boss-like” people around, my work days were short and my knitting evenings were long…yay!

I had my niece’s purple, zippered, cabled, hooded pullover with me and got about 10″ done on the back section. I’m realizing I will need at least one more hank of the Cascade Leisure to be able to finish this thing. I’ll have to stop at my local yarn store to get two just in case.

You’ll note that I was finally able to figure out how to post a decent picture. One of these days I’ll be able to let users click on a “thumbnail” photo and see a larger version, but for now, the smaller pics will have to do. Here’s a picture of a sweater of my own design. It uses three different pattern stitches separated by a few ridges of garter stitch. It also uses a shallow v-neck design which is much more flattering on me than the standard v-necks.

patterned pullover

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