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Blog Boob…that would be me…here I was…all proud of myself for FTP’ing (is that a verb) pictures, and including them on my site. Well, of course as soon as anyone with non-IE browsers looked at my blog, they couldn’t see the pictures!!! Well, it turns out I was using a back slash instead of a foreward slash…AAARGH!!! One of these days I’ll be as good at HTML and web design as I am at knitting…right now, I feel woefully inadequate.

As for knitting, I can’t say my knitting last night was any better than my picture publishing. I knit the same row three times (and unknit it twice). Once it was done (and done right), I put away my knitting for the evening and just bored myself with network t.v.. I am still working on the niece’s purple hooded sweater…I’m hoping to finish the front this week.

I have one more promised piece of knitting that I have to work on after the niece’s sweater. I promised I would knit my sister one of the all-over patterned pullover’s (as seen in the burnt umber below). I think I’ll do hers in something other than Shetland wool…and I’ll also pick vibrant color that will still show the patternwork. Of course I don’t have anything that’s perfect in my stash .

After that I get to work on one of the many projects I bought at stitches. I think I’ll be working on the side-to-side hemp pullover I bought from LanaKnits:

Hemp Kit

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