Felted Clog Slippers

Felted Slippers

I consider myself a mediocre designer.

The sweaters and other knit items you see on my blog that I’ve designed are only the ones that have worked out well…my failures don’t get the same attention.

That being said, I think the Fiber Trends felted slippers (that Myrna mentions in her comment…thanks Myrna…love your posts to the Knitlist) are one of the greatest designs.

Because of ladies like the one on the Staples commercial, I only give my knitted items as gifts when I KNOW they look great. If there’s any doubt about how a knitted item will be accepted, I won’t even consider it.

I have made the felted slipper patter for about 12 people now (including myself, of course) and without any hesitation, they are ALWAYS highly praised by the recipient.

I have no affiliation with Fiber Trends or the designer of these heavenly creations. I just love making these slippers. I only have pictures of two pairs I made, but I thought you might want to see them anyway. I’ve used the same picture on the Simply Knit website (they sell them in kits), so you may have seen this picture already. These clogs were made with two strands of Cascade 220 yarn (an INCREDIBLY nice worsted weight yarn in TONS of colors…it’s also pretty inexpensive).

Felted Clog Slippers

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