Jamieson 3

Long Work Day, Late Dinner Out…No Knitting

That just about sums it up. The niece’s sweater sits in my hotel bed table drawer on row 7 of a 24 row repeat. Hopefully, I’ll get to do some work on it tonight.

I forgot to mention yesterday, that the hemp in the picture is a very deep maroon color…almost to the point of brown…does that make sense? When I bought the hemp at Stitches East, I had the choice of buying hemp that had already been washed and had bloomed a little, or to buy the cone of yarn you see where the yarn is more compact. The woman from LanaKnits said that the cone would be a little bit less enjoyable to work with.

I decided joining in new hanks of Hemp every 180 yards was worse than a little rough yarns moving through my fingers, so I bought the coned version. The sweater pattern is a loose chain-mail-like sweater. I saw it in person and the drape of the fabric is incredible. I can’t wait to start on this project.

Finally, for those of you that follow the Jamieson Shetland pattern books that have been published lately (there ar two so far), there’s a third one coming out in January featuring the designs of my local yarn store. I just saw a promo for the book with small pictures of what will be in it, and it looks incredible. The photography looks to be artistic quality, and the sweaters will be beyond belief. Seeing the promo did the job it was supposed to…it got me very excited about the new book.

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