Baby Merino

Go Back!!, Go Back!!

Oh, the pain.

Remember that row I re-knit three times on Monday night? Well it turns out it still wasn’t right. I had dropped a stitch in one of the cable transfers and with this stupid boucle yarn, I couldn’t see it. I undid about 4 inches (back to the ribbing) and started again. Oh well, maybe I’ll get this stupid sweater done by Christmas.

I know I said I would probably start on the hemp project next, but I might change my mind and do a pair of men’s underwear. I found this great fingering weigh, washable merino at Stitches in an antique white sort of color. I just need to find the pattern for the underwear again. Since it’s such an old pattern, I think I can post it here without violating copyright laws. I’ll try to find it this weekend and type it up for anyone interested.

Here’s the yarn I intend on using.

Baby Merino

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