Monday Doldrums

Today starts a short work week for me…Monday to Thursday. I thought I’d start off by including a little non-knit material in my blog, because I need something to brighten my morning. Here are a couple of pictures of my beloved cat, Gage. He’s a flame-point Siamese that we were lucky enough to find at the local pound. Honestly, I’m not a true “cat person”, but this little guy has won over my heart.

To give a valid reason for including his pictures, I will say he LOVES to eat yarn, so I have to keep all projects carefully hidden from him. Yarn (and other things like tinsel ) can be deadly to pets. It can bunch up their intestines…a good holiday warning for pet-lovers.


I also thought I’d include a request for advice. I have this lovely orange Rowan Kid Classic, that I have no clue what to make with it. Any suggestions?

Kid Classic

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