Short Work Week

It’s great only working till Wednesday…I’ll have a lot of time to knit over the next four days. I’m just hoping the roads from Baltimore to Pennsylvania are clear enough to get my ass home this evening.

I didn’t get to post yesterday, but I have been making progess on the Purple thing. I’m halfway done the first sleeve. I’m fully intending on having this sweater done by the end of my four day weekend as well as making an inch or two of progress on the alpaca bedspread.

I’ve decided that I won’t post any pictures of partial garments on my blog, only the finished ones. I do this mainly to give me incentive to get things done, but also because unblocked fabric often doesn’t look anywhere near as good as blocked. But that doesn’t stop me from posting pictures of yarn. Here’s my stash of Rowan Lightweight DK yarn that I’ve had for years.

I love this yarn, but everytime I go to pick out colors for a project, I end up putting it all back and not starting. I think I love this yarn more than any finished garment I could imagine, so it may end up staying in hanks just making me happy whenever I dump out this great bag ‘o yarn.


I plan on heading over to my LYS (Simply Knit) and picking up some DK weight yarn for my sisters all-over patterned pullover that I will start after the Purple thing. I also have to experiment with a pattern stitch I made a cool Koigu scarf in, to see if I can make a hat pattern out of it. I’ll try to fit that in this weekend as well.

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