Koigu Mistake

Weekend Knitting

It’s so difficult when you’re born without an ounce of self control.

Even though I wanted to try and finish the Purple Thing this weekend, I couldn’t resist casting on an experimental hat in Koigu. A while ago, I designed a great scarf in Koigu that uses a somewhat difficult-to-understand stitch pattern (Barbara Walker’s Indian Cross Stitch from the first Treasury, I think).

Koigu Scarf

Since they sell kits for this scarf at Simply Knit, I get e-mails every once in a while asking for assistance with this stitch. Well, one of the women who had e-mailed me for assistance has since successfully made two of the scarfs, and now she wanted to know if I had ever designed a hat using this stitch?

I hadn’t, but I thought, “what the heck…how hard could it be?”, “how long could it take?” Well after two failed attempts, I’m giving up. I’ve decided that this particular stitch just doesn’t lend itself to a hat…so, I’ve decided to include a picture of one of my failed attempts:

Koigu Mistake

It’s a little blurry and dark, and of course I’ve ripped the needles out in frustration. But I have to say, even in a tangled mess, aren’t Koigu colors amazing?

As far as the Purple Thing goes, I did finish the first sleeve and I’m one third done with the second. I’ll work to finish this sleeve and the hood this week while at work down in Baltimore. I also have to go find a zipper for this thing.

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