NSFW Candy

Knitted Sex Aids

WARNING, WARNING Crude content of an adult nature follows. Do not proceed if you thought Queer As Folk was too graphic.

First we had the infamous Willie Warmer which gained popularity with the women and gay boys of the Knitlist who needed clever, “masculine” knitted items. For the uninformed, you can check it out here:


But now, hold on to your kilts gay boys…a British designer who wishes to remain anonymous has created…the Knitted Cum Rag. If you happen to be one of those knitters who loves knitting dishcloths, and you’re handy with a glue gun, this pattern is for you.

Cum Rag Pattern

For those of you unfamiliar with the concept (despite the rather descriptive title), many gay guys keep a washcloth or small hand towel on their bedside tables to help clean up the aftermath of passion. Having a handknit, personalized one might allow for some post-coital conversation during those awkward moments when the direction of the remainder of the evening might be in question.

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