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Christmas Giving

Christmas time is always an enjoyable time for me.

This year on the knitting front, I only had two handmade (or partially made in one case) gifts to give. I’ve decided that handmade gifts are often more about me than the recipient, so when I knit for others, I give it on non-holidays/birthdays so as not to shift the focus away from the recipient/celebrant.

The first gift was a scarf for an unexpected visitor at my sisters. Her massage therapist/spiritual counselor/lesbian/mother, was invited to Christmas dinner, and I thought I’d try making her a quick scarf using the leftover Manos yarns from my mother’s afghan. I decided I’d try doing this on the 4.5 hour drive to Massachusetts on Christmas Eve day. Well, I got through half of it (I’ll get a picture of it up when I get back home today). I gave it to her “on-the-needles” and told her I’d finish it an send it later.

The second gift was the Purple Thing. The Outlaws were all impressed, including the niece/recipient. They all liked the color and how soft the sweater was. I’m going to try to force her to try it on so I can get a picture of her in it before we leave, but I make no promises at this point.

I will include a picture of my previously knit items, since I have no current pictures to post today. This lace pattern is about 3 feet in diameter and was done from a cone of cotton I had picked up over the years in my quest to gather Knitting Machine gauge yarn. I forget what pattern I used, and it’s not blocked, but you’ll get the idea.

Big Doily

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