Manos Scarves

Vacation Knitting

It’s amazing how much knitting I can get done when work doesn’t get in the way.

Now that I’m off work until January 6th, I’ve decided to catch up on all my non-Christmas knitting obligations. The first order of business is the scarf for my sister’s massage therapist, Tracy. I only got done about half the scarf on my drive up to Massachusetts, and I realized I didn’t like the resulting fabric.

I’m using Manos yarn (leftovers from my mom’s birthday/housewarming afghan) and I decided to use the linen stitch on size US13 needles, figuring going up from the recommended US9’s it would give a nice, loose drape. But even with the13’s, the Manos was tight, and no where near as soft as my mom’s afghan. So, I’ve decided reknit the scarf on US17’s. Here’s a comparative photo:

Manos Scarves

The US17 (on the right) is a little less uniform, but I think blocking will help that a lot. The drape is a little looser and MUCH softer. I will definitely go with the US17’s (I tried on even larger needles, but it was too loose).

My cat (Gage, not gauge), said the US17’s are just right.

Gage on Floor

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