Head Hugger Hat

Post Holiday Manic Knitting

It’s amazing how quickly I come up with new projects now that most obligations are complete or nearing completion.

I have the gift scarf for my sister’s massage therapist that is almost done. Overall, I’m happy with the outcome so far. I also started a “prize” scarf for the blog winner of guessing the misfit color in my triangle vest…I love working with the Koigu, so that’s a pleasure and it’s looking good (can’t post pics of that one).

But what should arrive in the mail on Friday? A box of patterns for Danny Ouellette’s “Head Hugger Hat”. I had purchased a dozen for my local yarn store to sell, but of course I needed to make a demo model first. I love the pattern, although I should have checked gauge before starting this one. The hat came out a little big…but it still looks great.

Head Hugger Hat

Well, back to finishing the two scarves…plus I HAVE to get some work done on the Bedspread/Coffin Cover.

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