Option Two Koigu

Decisions, Decisions

I need your help to decide on two things. First which scarf should Wendy get (there are two choices) and second, now that I’ve finished Wendy‘s scarf, what should I work on next. Please vote on each of these either with a comment or via e-mai if you want your vote to be more private.

Wendy’s Scarf

The two colorways are close, but a little different..vote either option 1 or 2. Both have a lot of blues and purples but Option 1 has bright pinks and turquoises, and Option 2 has more greens and oranges mixed in:

Option Two Koigu

Next Project

Choices are:

1. Another Head Hugger Hat
2. Designing a knitted jock strap
3. Work on my sister’s pullover
4. A beaded pendant bag
5. A Moorehouse Merino garment
6. Other

All input will be tallied on Tuesday, January 7th and will be announced right here. In the interim, I will start on #3 until a formal vote can be completed.

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