Kathy Sweater Progress

Back to Work

Tomorrow I head back to Baltimore to restart working after a two week hiatus…what an inconvenience to my knitting time.

Voting continues on which scarf to send Wendy and which project I should work on next. Just so you multi-WIP folks know, I do anticipate working on multiple projectes, but usually I have a primary project and then a few secondary projects.

Marilyn’s Blog

If you’ve never checked out the Knitting Curmudgeon blog, there’s a great entry on charity knitting on her site with a brilliant conversation by her readers. One of the best reasons for writing my blog is to see the conversations that ensue. Marilyn’s Charity Knitting article has had the largest response I’ve seen, and it’s quite interesting.

Knitting Progress

I made some headway on my sister’s sweater, as you can see.

Kathy Sweater Progress

I need to call her to see if she has specific measurements she’d like me to incorporate into the sweater or whether she just wants me to guestimate and then adjust where I can after the fact. Hopefully she’ll have a “favorite” sweater from which she can take measurements, although she recently moved here from Florida, so she may not.

I also found out I have to have a few items for a craft/art sale on January 19th, so I fit in making another Head Hugger Hat. This one came out the best yet. Once I have the whole collection of hats finished, I’ll post pictures of people actually wearing them.

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