And the Winner is…

Both items I asked you to vote on last week came out with very clear cut answers. Thank you all for your input.

I tallied all the comments (which you get to see) as well as any e-mails that were sent privately, and the numbers in both areas pointed to an obvious winner for each.

Wendy’s Scarf

By a more than two-to-one majority, the votes came in for scarf #2. I’m glad because I thought that this would be the better choice, given Wendy’s coloring (as evidenced in her lovely modeling of Fulmar). I will be putting Wendy’s prize in the mail this coming Friday or Saturday when I get home from Baltimore.

My Next Project

Again your group direction was very clear. Stick with the sweater for my sister and get it done. I did like many of the votes for multiple projects, especially since the jock strap was voted #2 and the Moorehouse Merino came in #3.

In answer to a couple of your comments, first of all, the Jock Strap will be done in either a very fine cotton (as are most commercial ones) or in a baby merino which will be soft, but not itchy (the same thing I use to make underwear). Also, the Moorehouse is not the LEAST bit scratchy. At least on the hanks, the yarn feels soft as a cloud. It was the main reason I ended up buying some at Stitches East this year, although I like the look of it as well.

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