Cable V-Neck


Blog readers seem to respond with great zeal to whining, pet-peeves, annoyances, etc.

A lot of the blogs I read describe things that they find annoying, and readers either respond with “me too” type comments, or “I also hate” comments. So for instance, a blogger will write that he’s going to eviscerate the next person that uses an adjective instead of an adverb…”I did real good”, “I knitted the washcloth real tight”, etc. Comments will come in fast and furious, such as “I HATE that!” or “Weren’t people taught grammar?”. Or others will add…”And what about spelling errors…since when did voila become wa-la?” or “Don’t get me started on dangling modifiers!”

So with that in mind, here is my big pet-peeve. Women who use their husbands e-mail address instead of getting their own (I’d have used the non-gender-specific “spouses” if I had ever seen a man use his wife’s e-mail address or partners sharing an e-mail, but I’ve never seen that).

Now I know there are possibly some valid reasons for doing this, but none that I can think of that would justify not having your own e-mail address. I don’t mind common business e-mail addresses, or family e-mail addresses. It only bugs me when I see a woman using her husbands. It says to me that the woman doesn’t feel worthy to have her own, or doesn’t feel smart enough to do what it takes to set one up, or various other negative images about the writer.

Would you ever rely on your partner’s/spouse’s e-mail address? I’d be interested to hear why or why not.

Old Knitting
Since I won’t be home to take pictures of current knitting progress until Friday, I thought I’d post an old sweater that I designed and made out of a great tweedy yarn. The neck is odd on this one, but I like it anyway, and I wear it pretty regularly.

Cable V-Neck

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