Sweater Knock-Offs

After I had completed published instructions for a few sweaters for Thaddeus and I, I realized a few things.

1. We wear the same size sweater. We wear different colors, and we have different waist sizes, but sweaters fit us both.
2. We both look good in raglan and fitted sleeve style sweaters.
3. The ideal measurements for our sweaters is about 25″ across the chest, and 25″ from hem to shoulder.

Based on these facts, I found I could easily start designing my own sweaters based on simple mathematics and gauge tests. The first time I realized this, I was in an Abercrombie & Fitch store in Nyack, NY, and there was a simple navy blue, v-neck pullover, with a couple of thin, sage green stripes across the chest. I said to myself, “Joe, you could make that sweater.” I bought some Cascade 200 and made two A&F knockoffs in different colors and they came out great (I’ll post a photo tomorrow).

I also went on to make any sweater I saw in stores that I liked by designing it myself. The best part was that I could modify parts I didn’t like to be more flattering for me or Thaddeus. Also as part of tomorrow’s post, I’ll describe the collar I “made up” accidentally that came out very cool.

One of the earlier designs is this striped pullover (do you like how relaxed it looks?).

Striped Pullover

Wendy’s Contest
Wendy’s blog has a contest to try and figure out which Fair Isle she’s going to make next. Since I’m away from home until the deadline (today), I searched endlessly through on-line Fair Isle patterns to find one that seemingly used the colors that she has pictured. I have to say, it’s made me think about either finishing my Donegal sweater (Alice Starmore design in Earth colors) or starting a Fair Isle of my own.

I really like Henry VIII from Alice and Jade’s book Tudor Roses, so I may decide to see about getting the yarn for that and starting it.

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