Barbie Knitting Machine

I’m a Barbie Girl…

…life in plasic, it’s fantastic!

Well, you know the song, but do you have the machine. That freakin’ Barbie has everything, and can do almost anything. I just got a package in the mail for a Barbie Knit Hits knitting machine. I got it on eBay and it was new and in the original, unopened box (although the box was a little banged up).

Barbie Knitting Machine

Knitted Tube

You’ll see it makes an interesting tube of knitting. The only thing I could imagine making with this thing so far is the tube part of a Willie Warmer, so I’ll have to see if anyone has any creative suggestions for what they can think I could make with tubes about the size of a decent size schlong.

Secret Preview
I told you a couple of weeks ago that I got to see the newest Jamieson book that will have 10 sweater designs from Simply Knit. Well, I got tired of waiting for the real book to come out, so I figured I could surreptitiously snap a photo of the new publication and give my blog readers the first peak at this cool book. So here for the first time in public, I bring you Jamieson’s Simply Knit book:

Jamieson Simply Knit Book

Art/Craft Show
I’m working frantically to finish up the last scarf for the Art/Craft Show tomorrow. I’ll get a picture of the final display and post it some time tomorrow if I get the chance to post. I’ll be glad when it’s all over so I can finish up my sister’s sweater, get back to the Donegal Fair Isle and start on some other projects of interest, like the knitted jock strap design.

Now that my sister has been reading my blog, it throws a whole new light on being “out”…lol. I’ve been out to my sister Kathy for longer than anyone else in my family, but now she’s gone and really done it…she told my mother’s hairdresser about my web site (Hi Annette!!). Kind of shocking when the internet lets worlds collide.

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