Jamieson Simply Knit Book

B.A.D. Hangover

Now that Blogger Appreciation Day (B.A.D.) is over, I think I celebrated too much.

Double Good News
I headed over to my local yarn store yesterday for a couple of reasons…believe it or not, neither reason involved the purchase of more yarn

First thing, the editor of the Jamieson Shetland books was at the yarn store to discuss a great new line of yarns, and to gather new designs for a book using the new yarn line. As part of that discussion, he mentioned that Jamieson Shetland Book 3 will include one of my designs…the very design I’m making for my sister!! I’m very excited. Book 3 isn’t scheduled to be out until August, but it’s still great to know I’ll be a published designer. Just think, when I become the next Alice Starmore, you can all say you knew me when…

Second great thing is that that new Jamieson Simply Knit book has arrived, although it’s sitting in customs at the moment. It’s expected to be distributed out to stores at the end of next week. This is the picture they used for the front cover.

Front Cover

Simply Knit (the store, not the book) has been taking advanced orders for the book, although it’s not on their web site yet. Phone ordering is the only way to order it so far.

Christmas Gift
I thought it was somewhat odd that my blog-sister, Wendy doesn’t just celebrate her birthday, but she celebrates an entire birthmonth. I think she’s still getting birthmonth gifts. Well, I have no room to talk now, I just got the following Christmas gift from my sister.

100 Afghan Squares Book

Did anyone else order from Amazon this year and have them mislead you as to the delivery date. Both my sister and I ordered books that Amazon claimed would arrive in time for Christmas and then a week after ordering revised the delivery date to 2 or 3 weeks after Christmas. I ended up cancelling and ordering the same book through Barnes and Noble. My sister wasn’t quite that proactive.

Regardless, I love the book. It’s got some great color combinations, and while I will most probably never make an afghan, I will definitely be stealing design ideas from this book for other garments.

Cat Grief
Gage (the cat) and the FDL (Feline Defamation League) gave me a boatload of grief about the picture and reference to “spawn of satan” I included in recent posts. I’ve made up with my little darling, in fact he was just lying on my chest purring peacefully before I sat down to write this. If you look closely at the picture below, you’ll see the holy glow surrounding the angel-cat.

Gage Lamp

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