Jamieson Simply Knit Book

What a Pain

This week sucked…what happened to my “gimme” life?

Work was painful, and nothing seemed to go right. It required that I work a full five-day week, which if you know anything about consulting isn’t a good thing. Since I travel to be on-site for my clients, I usually work on-site Monday through Thursday, and then from home on Friday. This allows for time to travel and additional time with the wife and kiddies…oh, wait, that’s someone else’s life.

Anyway, this week I had to work through Friday and when you’re not used to it, it’s a pain. I work about 10-12 hour days, and by Thursday night, I am just spent. Having to muster up more energy for Friday is difficult.

Sister Sweater
If work wasn’t bad enough, I realized that the custom size sweater I’m making for my sister requires more frequent increases on the sleeve. I had to rip back the entire first sleeve and reknit it with more increases. The first sleeve is done, and now I’m in the “stupid sweater-second sleeve” phase of knitting. I never want to see this pattern again. I never want to see this color yarn again….you know how it is, I’ll be over it all next week when the sweater is all complete and sent off to my sister.

Debbie Bliss Book
I got a chance to go through the new Celtic Knits book by Debbie Bliss. As with all her books, it very nicely laid out and has some great pictures. This book also has a wide selection of different types of patterns. There are Fair Isles, Arans and Lace projects. There are Cardigans, Socks, Tunics, Berets and Jackets. There are things for kids, women and men. All-in-all, it was well worth the US$12 I paid for it in the book store.

The only downside is that there isn’t very much creative material in the book. Her Fair Isle color selection is somewhat interesting, but the patterns are very conventional. Standard X’s and O’s and stars. Overall, it’s a decent book of standards. I have an old Rowan book that I constantly refer to when I just need to make a standard cardigan, or a standard pullover, or a child’s sweater. This Debbi Bliss book may replace that.

Jamieson Book
The Jamieson Simply Knit book finally came in, and I’m glad to say that folks are going ga-ga over it. The Simply Knit store has put all ten designs on their web page, so you can see each one before deciding to buy the book. At just under $18, this book is well worth owning. The Jamieson books are getting better and better. This is my favorite design from the book. If I knew someone who would want it, I’d definitely make one.

Simply Knit Book

Of course it’s also one of the most expensive kits at $160, but it looks great. By the way, my name is actually in this book as one of the Simply Knit designers…the editor must have been in a charitable mood that day.

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