Valentine/Birthday Weekend

All-in-all, a very busy weekend for knitting and family related aspects of my life

Earflap Cap
The finished hat came out great, but too small for Thaddeus, and not exactly what he wanted. Here’s a bad picture of the hat that inspired mine.

Since I was scheduled to meet with my sister and her three daughters, I figured one of her daughters would want the new hat. It didn’t take long to get my model. My niece Kelly, loves the new hat…she’s so beautiful, she makes the hat look great.

Kelly - Hat 1

I’m working on the revised version of the hat for Thaddeus. It’s turning out closer to the original inspiration, but it’s still a little tighter than what Thaddeus was looking for. Fortunately these hats only take a day or two to knit up, so I’ll have a successful gift before we head to Cancun next week…after all this snow is melted.

A lot of people have contacted me asking if I’ll be making the pattern available for this hat. I anticipate that I’ll be either trying to sell the design to Unicorn Books if they want it, and if they don’t, then I’ll give it to my local yarn store so they can include it as part of a “kit”, where the kit will be the cost of the two skeins of Jamieson DK to make it and the pattern will be free with the yarn.

Sister Sweater
It turned out great, it fits my sister perfectly, she loves it, and the first picture we took of her in it, even she liked (she usually takes a lousy picture). A big success, and just in time for the “big snow”. This picture will close out the chapter in the Sister Sweater.

Sister Sweater - Kathy


Mom’s Afghan
I made “The Vineyard Throw” last year. A blocked afghan pattern from a Manos pamphlet. I did it in the original Manos yarn, and it was probably one of the nicest things I’ve ever made. I had never been a big fan of Manos yarn…I thought the inconsistencies in the color and thickness of the yarn would be very annoying to knit with, and wouldn’t look overly attractive. I was wrong on both counts. I LOVED how this throw turned out, and if my mom hadn’t had a birthday and a new house to celebrate, I probably would have kept it for my own. Here’s another one of my gorgeous nieces, Jackie, keeping warm at my mom’s house.

Jackie - Afghan

Needless to say, I’ll need to make another one of these for myself and Thaddeus. Given how much Thaddeus likes this throw, I may need to make two more.

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