Too Busy to Post MSKR 2019 Packing Pile

Off for the week…

This will be my last post before I fly out tomorrow morning (early) for vacation.


That word, “packing”, sure has a lot of different meanings. For Thaddeus, it means get your clothes together for our trip tomorrow so we’re not rushing around last minute. For me, that translates to, what yarn, needles, patterns, books and other knitting supplies will I need for a 8 day vacation and hours waiting at the airport and on the plane. I’ve just completed my packing, and this year, I’m packing light. I’m bringing a sock project. I’m using US1 needles (bamboo) and a fine green and cream colored ragg-like yarn. Hard to describe, and impossible to take a picture of.

I figure since I’ll be working on such a fine gauge, this project will keep me busy for the entire time. I was honestly hoping my order from Joselyn’s would have arrived by today, but the foul weather must have delayed it. Fortunately, I’m never at a lack for something to knit.

Earflap Cap II

I didn’t get to finish the second cap, but I’ll work on it a little tonight…after packing. I’m up to the crown decreases, but I still have to do the edging as well. I think he’ll like it when it’s done. If not, the local yarn store will get it as a store model. I KNOW they’ll love it.

I hope everyone has a good week, and I’ll look forward to seeing all your comments when I get back on Friday.

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