Knitting Deliveries

I may have been on vacation, but the post office wasn’t. I got two great packages while I was gone.

Marianne Isager
Even though it’s out of print, and available mostly in Denmark and Norway, I was able to get a copy of Marianne Isager’s first book Inka because of the help and generosity of a kind blog reader. Mette was able to barter a copy for me and through the miracle of the World Wide Web we were able to both get knitting books we wanted.


This book is full of very interesting colors and designs. Ms. Isager has a very fine eye for design. I plan on using a lot of her color sense and her geometrics are great. Here’s my favorite sweater in the book.

Inka Sweater

Joselyn’s Yarns
I had placed an order for sock yarns from Joselyn’s Farm. Wendy was making some great socks in her yarns, so I decided to be a blog lemming and order some of the same yarn, plus a different color that looked interesting. Here’s what I got.

Joselyn Yarn Light

I don’t have any immediate plans for the yarn, but it will probably end up being made into socks or gloves for nieces. No decisions yet.

KnitList Drivel
Yesterday I wrote that I deleted much of the KnitList drivel, and a reader asked me why I continued to subscribe. It got me thinking and while I have a couple of lame reasons for staying a member, for the most part it’s just laziness that keeps me on the list. Marilyn (Knitting Curmudgeon) has a posting about issues on the list that are annoying. I have my own list of the top three most annoying types of posts:

1. Bodily function posts – I do NOT need to read about nausea, sores, body fluids or phlegm on a knitting list. Way TMI (too much information).

2. Illness posts – I can see no relevance what-so-fucking-ever what illnesses or injuries have to a knitting list. If it’s mentioned in passing that a hospital visit allowed for more knitting time, maybe. But I really don’t care if you have walking pneumonia, or your spouse has genital herpes (unless I’m sleeping with him).

3. Religious posts – Most mentions of church, god, christ, buddha, temple, sermon, bible, kippa and prayer make me delete a post almost immediately. I know there are valid reasons for mentioning some of these, I just don’t enjoy reading them.

Any other heinous posts that I missed?

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