Blog Contest

Here is your first chance of hopefully many opportunities to win great prizes by showing off your knowledge of QueerJoe and things that matter to him.

Contest Rules
Complete your answers to the QSAT (QueerJoe Standard Achievement Test) and e-mail them to (you don’t want to put your answers in Comments for all to see, do you?).

QSAT is an eclectic collection of 20 questions, plus one tie-breaker question. All of the questions have some relevance to QueerJoe’s life.

Answers can be obtained in any way that the respondent sees fit. I’d prefer that you not call my mother for some of the answers, unless you’re Annette (my mother’s hairdresser).

I will give entrants until Sunday, March 16th at Midnight, Eastern Time to submit answers. You can enter as many times as you like as long as each entry is submitted as a separate e-mail.

Contest Prizes

The three individual contest entrants with the highest percentage of correct answers will be eligible to select from one of three prizes. The entrant with the highest percentage will get first choice, second highest gets second choice and third highest gets whatever remains. Here are the prizes

Joselyn Yarn Light One

So many folks liked this yarn when I posted the picture, I thought it would make a good prize. The prize is one (yes, just one) 3 ounce hank (600 yds) of Dancing Feet yarn from Joslyn’s Fiber Farm. The yarn is 100% wool and very soft with a recommended gauge of 8 sts to the inch. The colorway is “Forest Floor”.

Simply Knit Book
A copy of the incredibly popular, soon-to-be collectible book, “Simply Knit” by Unicorn Books and Jamieson Yarns. I’ve described this book a number of times, and The Knitting Curmudgeon (Marilyn) has a great review of this book on her “No Affiliations Book Review” site. You can also see all of the designs in the book on the Simply Knit web site.

Jamieson Shetland Chunky

7 Hanks of Jamieson Shetland Chunky in the color Rainforest. This yarn is 100% Shetland wool with a recommended gauge of 3.75 sts/inch on US 10/ 6mm needles, and approximately 126 yards per hank. The prize comes with this Jamieson canvas project bag.

Finally, there will be a yet-to-be-determined booby prize for the person who I decide is most deserving, based on their response to the QSAT.

I will warn all participants in advance that all prizes come from a smoking household (Thaddeus, not me). I will air out the items before sending them, but if that’s not good enough for you, take Marilyn’s advice and “bite me”.

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