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Blog Contest So Far

I have gotten a few entries to the contest so far. Amazing how resourceful some folks can be.

Additional Contest Rules
There are a couple of questions on the QSAT that will require some judgement as to what is considered correct or not. For instance, there might be more than one correct answer to the “Verbal” section of the QSAT (the Oceanic question), or variations to the “Apparel” section (“If the shoe fits…”) answer. All judges’ opinions will be considered final.

Also, many of the entrants are from other countries. Any non-U.S. winners will receive the merchandise via the cheapest method for shipping possible (since I’m paying for it), and the winner will be responsible for any customs charges that may be incurred.

Contest Quiz
I think some of the readers may have been intimidated by the QSAT questions. I honestly don’t expect most respondents to get a “passing” grade on the test. I purposely made it difficult so I didn’t end up having to do a random selection of the respondents who got all the questions correct. So far, the tie-breaker question won’t need to be used to determine the top three winners.

Hideous Accusations
It seems that blog-pal Wendy is also having a great limerick contest on her site. Of course the prize is a boatload of Kelly Green Galway yarn, in keeping with her St. Patrick’s day theme. All you have to do is write a limerick…but beware, she won’t accept or publish pornographic poems. It seems one of the mutual readers of Wendy and this blog accused ME of submitting a pornographic limerick. Now, I won’t name names, because you KNOW I’m not that kind of guy, but her initials are Kersten…oops, I slipped.

I can’t IMAGINE why Kerstin would think it was me.

Pornographic Section
Okay, for the squeamish, I’m putting in a fair warning. The next section will show two graphic pictures of sexual content.

Prompted by one of my knitting lists, I completed a knitted project this past weekend. Yes, I made one of the ever-popular Willie Warmers. I used a very soft, slightly fuzzy Rowan yarn, the name of which currently escapes me. Kid Haze? Anyway, it’s bright orange (don’t want QueerJoe Jr. being shot off in a freak hunting accident, do we?), it’s soft, and it’s VERY warm.

The pictures below only show the garment itself…NOT me modeling it. Those pictures can only be obtained by approved request via e-mail.

Willie Warmer Picture Links

Willie Warmer

Willie Warmer Length

Obviously it was knit to fit me while I was…er…at ease, to use a military term.

Other Knitting
I’m almost done the front section of the side-to-side, hemp pullover. Here’s a picture, albeit not a great one.

Hemp Sweater 03-11-03

It’s actually dark brown with henna/purple tones. It looks BLUE in the picture. Here’s what it will look like when it’s done:

Hemp Sweater Pattern Pic

Good luck to everyone in the QSAT Contest.

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