Bracelets Cancun

Vacation Memories

Nothing makes my day more than being reminded of my time in Cancun.

Cancun Colors
I’ve always been attracted to vibrant color combinations…especially when the mixture of colors is somewhat unexpected and still works. During my shopping time in Cancun, there were a lot of small stands that sold items of incredibly fine bead work and braiding/macrame. The little friendship bracelets, that the local “gypsy” women macrame all day long, and sell for $1.oo are very interesting, and beautiful

Here’s a collection of some of the little friendship bracelets I bought while I was down there.

Bracelets Cancun

I just thought the color combinations were stunning. The following picture of me wearing one of them, will give a little more perspective in terms of the size of the bracelets.

Bracelet Joe 2

Knock Off Ideas
I love seeing nice sweaters in stores where I know I could make a sweater at least as good, if not better. I just saw a nice looking women’s cardigan in Brooks Brother’s window display. The sweater is made up of multi-color blocks of knitting, and each block has a different knit/purl pattern. The color was done in multiple pastels, which I didn’t like, but I think I might design a similar garment to try to sell. I’ll have to go to my local yarn store this weekend to pick out some appropriate colors. I might even try to turn it into a men’s cardigan.

More entries have come in, and I’m starting to feel as though I have a few dozen stalkers who know WAY more about me than a normal person should.

Mostly, folks seem to be enjoying the process of researching the questions…except for the math section…mwahhhhahhha.

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