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It’s great how popular knit blogging is becoming.

QueerKnit Blog Ring
It’s been a while since I took a spin around the QueerKnit ring and it’s grown substantially. Some excellent blogging going on out there. It’s good to see that queer and queer-friendly knitting is popular enough to generate so many blogs.

I while ago, I mentioned one of my favorite local artists (and overall wonderful person), Jane Gilday. I even put a photo of one of her paintings that I own. It turns out that she contacted me after doing a google search to thank me for “pimping” her work (her words, not mine). She also offered to do a trade of art for knitting.

Given her amazing talent, I felt I would win out in that deal, but we’ll hopefully be able to work something out that will be make us both happy. I’m including a couple more of her pieces. This first one is titled, “Do you remember Heaven, or id you buy all the crap?”

Jane Gilday Did

Here’s the other painting of Jane’s we own. It holds the place of honor directly over our bed.

Jane Gilday Bed

Both pieces are amazing. Thaddeus and I are fortunate that we met Jane years before she started gaining popularity. Her pieces are now sold regularly at a local art dealers for big bucks, but we’ve always thought they were worth more than we paid for them. If you ever get to Lambertville, NJ, check out the art dealer…Hrefna Jonsdottir

Hemp Sweater
I was able to successfully get a sleeve started on Wednesday night even though I was finding the directions a little hard to comprehend. But, it’s looking like a sleeve. The only problem I have now, is that I left the pattern for the sweater in my hotel room, and no one has brought it to the lost and found yet. If they don’t have it for me on Monday when I check in, I’ll have to contact Lanaknits and order a new one.

I may decide to order more hemp while I’m at it…we’ll see.

Other yarn purchases
Last weekend, I was at Simply Knit, and they had gotten in a lot of their new Spring/Summer yarns. I’m usually not a big fan of cotton, but they had this new Linie 89 cotton tape called Jeans. I bought two bags (about 1200 yds) in a great taupe color. I hope this picture shows up well on most monitors, because the color will make a great colored sweater for me. I’m thinking a simple pullover in woven stitch, but I haven’t decided yet.

Linie 89 Jeans

The contest entries are starting to slow down…either the folks who were planning on entering already have, or some folks are going to research this thing till the deadline. Folks have been doing surprisingly well. God, you people are frightening sometimes.

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