Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Normally I renounce my Irish heritage at this time of year. Who wants to be associated with the drunken spectacle that happens each year in New York city…especially when they don’t let queers march anyway.


Even if my poor feeble mind had remembered, I wouldn’t have worn green today. That’s my way of protesting the bigotry of the organization that won’t allow the Irish gay group to march in the parade.

When anyone asks me “Where’s your green?”, I just tell them I’m not allowed to wear green.

Speaking of which…that was one question almost everyone got correct on the QSAT.

Contest Results

As amazing as it sounds, there was one contestant who got all 20 answers correct, as well as the extra credit question. It seems the most successful respondents to the quiz were those folks that were good at

web research, knew where to find answers from my web site, and thought to ask my sister (of sister-sweater fame) for some of the other answers. Now you know why I felt like I had stalkers.

The Winners

There were a total of 43 entries to the contest and some very funny answers to the quiz. The three winners are:

First Place: Sarah – From the U.K. with ALL 21 answers correct

Second Place: Antonio – From Philadelphia who got 18 of the 21 answers correct

Third Place: Tara – Of who-knows-where

Congratulations to all three of you and thanks everyone for participating in the QSAT. I’ll be contacting the winners today via e-mail to find out which of the three prizes they get.

QSAT Answers

For those who would like to check their answers, you can click here to see the original quiz and the acceptable answers.

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