Mercury in Retrograde

Mercury In Retrograde

Despite the fact that it’s not, it should be.

Communications Issues
Based on Antonio’s vast understanding of the astrological world, Mercury is NOT in retrograde. But my communications issues continue. The most grievous example is the Haloscan comments on my page.

Folks were telling me that my page was taking a long time to load, so I went and reduced the size of every one of the pictures on it, so it would use a little less bandwidth. Unfortunately, accessing the Haloscan comments server has continued adding delays to the page loading time. Fortunately, I think Haloscan has fixed the problem, and the page should load more quickly. It’s hard to complain since the comments service is free.

I’ve also posted a change to the way that comments load which should avoid this problem the next time Haloscan goes down. Phil Ringnalda has posted a more complex script that will help to bypass javascripts when they aren’t available. I don’t understand a word of what I added, but it seems to still work.

Knitting Content
With technical issues hopefully behind me, I’ve been able to focus some on my kid alpaca knitting.

The bedspread has 412 stitches across and has about 8 or 10 rows per inch. So each inch of knitting requires…I’ll let Marilyn and Kathy figure it out since they love math so much.

But suffice it to say, every inch takes for-freakin’-ever.

Hemp Sweater
Well, the verdict is in. I hate the Renaissance Hotel housekeeping staff in Baltimore (on the Inner Harbor).

They couldn’t find the pattern I left in my nightstand last week, so I had to order a new one. While I was at it, I also ordered another cone of hemp yarn in a color that I will like better than the brown I’m working on now. But the sucky thing is, I won’t be able to proceed until it comes in.

Ordering on-line with Lanaknits is kind of odd. I haven’t received any e-mail confirmation of the order, so I’m hopeful it went through correctly. Maybe I’ll try giving them a call later today to confirm. Their web site doesn’t give a phone number for them, so I may have to do some investigation to find them.

Willie Warmer Pattern

Sorry about the 3/17/03 post where I forgot to link to the actual pattern. Here’s the link for those looking for the pattern:

Click Here

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