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Celebrating an Aging Queen’s Birthday

The older I get, the less important birthdays seem to be.

Birthday Gifts

Every year, my mother gets me some piece of men’s wear from Lord & Taylor (department store for folks who don’t know). This year she brought them over personally since she’s recently moved within a couple of miles of me, and she also made me a birthday cake. It was very nice to have the tradition continue.

Thaddeus surprised the hell out of me. I didn’t expect a gift yesterday since he had ordered me a new pair of sandals (to replace the ones I lost in Cancun this last vacation). He gave those to me last week, so I thought that was it. But then I open this:

Birthday Gift

I’ve been using a Canon Digital Elph to take all of the photos on my blog. It’s a great little camera, but Thaddeus hasn’t been thrilled that I’ve been carrying it to Baltimore with me every week to take my blog pictures. So in essence, this new camera is for his convenience. The only thing that will be difficult, is that this camera has no flash, so I’ll only be able to take pictures when there is pretty bright light.

Here’s the first picture I’ve taken with the new camera.

Kathy Scarf

It doesn’t look like much, but this is the start of an AMAZING scarf design by Kathy that she designed using Koigu (she is truly the Koigu queen), but I’m doing in the Joslyn’s yarn instead. It’s also done in all double crochet. The last two rounds of the Koigu version of the scarf includes over 1,000 double crochets in each round. Since the Joslyn’s yarns are finer, mine will have over 1,600 double crochets per round…ugh! Kathy is also the crochet queen…she does amazing designs with crochet.

Knitting Progress

I’ve got a lot more done on the first sleeve of the Chock-a-Block cardigan. Since I’m home through Tuesday, I should be able to finish this design by then.

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