Being sick really sucks, but being sick on my birthday weekend was really lousy.

Birthday Weekend

I got home on Friday night from Baltimore with what I thought was the remaining symptoms of a cold on its way out. I had a nice birthday dinner with Thaddeus (he’s the best), and then went on to have a congested, sinus-filled night in bed.

Saturday I felt somewhat better, and went out for a great dinner with our good friend Charles, and his good friend, David. It was a very successful night and I got wonderful birthday presents, including a wallet (that I needed desperately), a pair of the most excellent coffee mugs, and a wonderful summer shirt. The coffee mugs might sound ordinary, but they were from a jeweler in Princeton, and they were these great white ceramic mugs with a pewter ring around the base and a pewter handle. Charles has excellent taste. I also got some wonderful fruit toppings for ice cream from William Sonoma from his friend David. What a nice surprise.

Sunday, I was sick as a dog, coughing, sniffling and sneezing, when I wasn’t sleeping.

Even though I was off from work on Monday and Tuesday, I got very little knitting done. I finished one sleeve on the cardigan, and completed over 1500 double crochets on the Double Ruffle Scarf. I’ll hopefully have pictures tomorrow.

I’m back at work today, and I’m only left with an annoying cough. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish up on this sweater and scarf project during the rest of the week.


I don’t relate this story to elicit pity. It’s more of an excuse as to why my blog hasn’t been updated since Saturday. I leave you with a pathetic link to a picture of someone else’s cat with a knit/torture device wrapped around it’s neck. I don’t know about this cat, but my cat would be frantic trying to get this “toy” loose.

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