Color 2

Knitting Design

Knitwear design for me is like when my thoughts come way to fast for me to actually say them, except knitting is even slower than speaking.


Based on comments about how I decide on what colors I feel go well together and when they don’t, I’ve come up with these little graphics.

The first one shows colors of about the same intensity of color. The combination works well even though there are greens, blues, golds, purples and reds.

Color 1

When I add in a sprinkling of lighter gold, and balance the lighter color throughout the composition, it still holds together pretty well, and makes the gold color kind of pop out as an accent.

Color 2

However, when I try adding a much brighter yellow, or a bright aqua color, you see that they just don’t go so well.

Color 3

Color 4

The Chock-a-Block sweater has a few more squares where I can balance two “popper” colors, and still get the composition to hold together, but just barely.

Birthday Gift Mugs

I mentioned that I got two of the greatest mugs for my birthday from my friend Charles, and someone asked for a picture. Well here they are.


This morning, I even made myself a cappuccino in one of them, and it made it taste even better than usual.


Funky Knitting

Here’s a link to a very cool and funky knit design. I thought folks might want to see it.

Funky Knit Design

And in that same vein, for those of you familiar with Antonio’s great blog, KnitKnut, you just HAVE to check out his new format. The boutique is the best part of it. I already ordered a canvas bag with his logo on it and I may have to go back and order the Stitchin’ Bitches shirt (I look good in raglan sleeves). Check it out.

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