Back to Work

I’m starting to think the universe is trying to conspire to keep me away from knitting and blogging.

New Work Assignment

I just got assigned to my next project and started this morning. Instead of lovely Inner Harbor, Baltimore, I get to work in Schenectady, NY. I’m not sure how long this project will last, but it is definitely supposed to be for at least six weeks.

The difficult part, is that I’m in one big project room, so it’s hard to take the time to update my blog with pictures of lovely knitted items, with 7 other project team members looking over my shoulder. Oh well, I’ll just have to do my best. Today’s entry will not include pictures.


I was asked if I have trouble designing in colors that aren’t flattering for me.

The truth is, I used to, but I don’t anymore. At first, I would never have designed a sweater for me with green or orange in it. I only did designs in colors that specifically excluded yellow. I’ve come to realize how rich some of those other colors can be, and how much fun it is to design using them, even if I can’t wear them. The all-over-patterned pullover that I designed is a perfect example. I did that sweater in both burnt umber (charred orange) and bracken (antique gold) which are colors that I can’t really wear. But they are both so rich and show the pattern so well, I enjoyed the process immensely.

Someone also asked if I would keep the tutorial on sleeve seams on the blog.

Eventually I will include a links area to that tutorial and others that I plan on putting up in the future. I hope to have a whole slew of “how-to” pictorials. But don’t expect too many, too soon.

Another question was about “penis owners” getting Easter outfits.

Yes, I used to get a hand-me-down suit from my older brothers every year (not new…we were way too poor) My sisters would get new dresses which usually had a hat as well. I have some great photos of my family at Easter. I’ll try to get one scanned so you can see how smart we all looked.

Regarding when I started Pysanky versus when I started knitting, I definitely started Pysanky first. It was probably the first time I ever exhibited any talent for use of color. But I have to say, making Ukrainian Easter eggs in the Pysanky method is really easy to make something that looks quite amazing. I take little or no credit for creative skill at that point in my life.

Chock-a-Block Sweater

I finished the button band and the button hole band and sewed both of them in. I also sewed up one side seam of the sweater. Since I will most likely finish this sweater before Friday, and I won’t be going home until Friday night, I also brought along the hemp pullover from Lanaknits. I’m looking forward to working on that one again.

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