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Some days, I should not be allowed to use a safety razor. The day I posted the last blog entry was one of those days.

Overwritten Blog Entry

Your moron blog writer meant to copy a blog entry from 4/21/2003, but accidentally overrode that days entry with the one you see below today’s. I have some of the text saved, but honestly, I don’t think it’s worth trying to recreate it, so here’s a brief summary:

Red Rayon Yarn – Showed picture of eBay purchase of spool of red rayon yarn.

Easter Greetings and Eggs – Wished everyone a happy belated Easter and discussed Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) with pictures and links.

Chock-a-Block Status – This will only be overridden by the status of this neverending sweater below.

Sleeve Seam Tutorial – Provide the link to the Sleeve Tutorial (cleverly concealed as a link in the last two words).

Chock-a-Block Status

I did a combined total of four more rows on the neck edging of the sweater. I’m hoping to finish the neck this evening and sew up the remaining side seam. We’ll see how much my new schedule interferes with this plan.

Hopefully the weekend will give me a few more minutes to update this blog and perhaps answer some of the other questions being asked and maybe even start a new picture tutorial.

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