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All my life I’ve been a weakling. It’s a good thing I can run like hell.

New Sweater Design

I couldn’t stand the pressure of having new skeins of yarn in great colors, so I started the new Mini-Chock-a-Block sweater yesterday. Here’s a working copy of the graphic for color combinations.

New Sweater Graphic

The colors will be different than this, but I used this format to establish the proper balance of colors and how to equally disperse some of the brighter colors throughout the more muted colors. Honestly, I hardly got any done, but I felt I should confess to having started another project. It took quite a while to just wind all the yarn on balls.

As penance for this transgression, I decided to force myself to finish writing up the pattern for the Chock-a-Block cardigan. Now the pattern is completely done, and is ready for submission to Unicorn as part of the men-on-men book.

Anyone up for a quiz?

I found this quiz on-line, and it seemed to accurately describe me, although I can’t believe I’m a yellow. I don’t even LIKE that color, and if I ever wore it, you would think I had a liver disease.


You are very perceptive and smart. You are clear and to the point and have a great sense of humor. You are always learning and searching for understanding.


Find out your color at Stvlive.com!


Fair Isle Progress

I did another inch or so on the Donegal sweater. Even though I worked on the new design, I still was able to get some Fair Isle knitting done. Again, I haven’t gotten up to the neck steek, so I can’t put a picture up yet. For those of you who hate that I started a new one without finishing all my outstanding projects, I can assure you that I only have the Donegal and the Patterned Sock with me now in Albany. I can’t even think about working on the new design until I get home on Thursday night.

More Confessions

Okay, I succumbed to a request from a friend and neighbor to knit her young daughter two cardigans from yarn she bought when she was visiting her sister in New Orleans. I figure that they will both go very quickly since the child is pretty small, and they will be done on US5 needles. She bought a total of three yarns to be made into two cardigans.

The first yarn is a confetti colored yarn with slubs made out of cotton (I think). There is no label, so I’m guessing on this. I did a small swatch and it knits up kind of fun.

Kids Cardigan Yarn

The other two yarns are Provence and Flora by Trendsetter. She wants me to use the Flora as trim or accent. I’m not sure how that will look, but I’ll try either striping around the neck and sleeve cuffs or putting in a few stripes on the body. To make this one interesting, I will also probably have to add some pattern stitch work. I couldn’t stand to have to do both of these cardigans in all stockinette stitch.

Kids Cardigan Yarn 2

I haven’t decided on a penance for this sin yet. All clever suggestions will be considered.

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