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Let it never be said that I’m not open to feedback.

Fiber Ignorance

As an impassioned knitter, my first reaction to the “are you making an afghan?” question was annoyance at her ignorance. The secondary reaction was disappointment that the intricacy of this sweater didn’t immediately notify the questioner that the garment was clearly of a higher quality than afghan knitting.

But as Jen noted in her comment yesterday, I expected too much. Clearly not everyone understands knitting to the degree that I would wish. My initial reaction to berate her was based solely on my own selfish expectations. Next time I hear a similar question, I will try to remember to be pleased that there was interest in my fiber work, and not focus on the level of understanding.


I made some additional progress on Donegal yesterday, but not enough to show a difference in any picture I could post to the blog (maybe I should just keep posting the same picture until it’s significantly different). I figured I could show you some closeups instead.

The first one is a closeup of the sleeve steek. You’ve seen this view before, but that picture was of the old steek before I had to rip it out. I want you to clearly understand that the entire length of the steek in this picture had to be reknit after my stupid blunder.

Sleeve Steek

The second picture has a dual purpose. First to show a closeup of the pattern repeat. The colors are pretty representative of the real garment, so I thought it would be good to look at. The second purpose is to show off my stitch markers. These stitch markers were made by my knitting friend Janis. I love using these and they make my works-in-progress look even more fancy than they already are.

Stitch Holders

Cat Knitting

For those knitters out there with cats, Wendy is having a knit-along on her blog for a knitted catnip mouse with a cable down the back. I plan on knitting along, but I won’t be able to start until I get home to my worsted weight yarn scraps.

In honor of this feline knit-along, I present Gage. He’s carefully guarding Donegal by throwing his body onto it.

Gage on Lap

Actually, this picture was taken with both Donegal and Gage on my lap. I was reclining/knitting and Gage was missing his real daddy (Thaddeus). Gage couldn’t stand that I wasn’t paying enough attention to him, so he positioned himself right on top of Donegal. Work resumed after naps were taken by both Gage and I.

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