I Wanna Be Vishnu

Rama, what I could do with 4 arms and hands.

Pulled in Many Directions

I want to work on all my current projects and start at least five more. Here’s a status report.


Started the first sleeve on two 24″ circulars. I want to switch to one 16″ circular, but don’t have a US3. I might try to get over to the yarn store to pick one up before I proceed.

Donegal 05-26-03

Patterned Sock

Turned the heel on the second sock. It’s not an identical twin, despite the fact that I tried to match the pattern, but I don’t mind fraternal twins when it comes to pattern socks.

Patterned Sock 05-26-03

Wendy’s Catnip MouseAlong

Wendy had a great little knit-along for knitters with cats. I made one of these little babies, and stuffed it with my own homegrown, home-dried catnip.

Mouse 1

Gage could have cared less. He played with it for a second and then got totally bored. Oh well, it was fun to make.

Gage Mouse 2

New Mini-Chock-a-BlockDesign

I did the ribbing and almost the first row of blocks a couple of weeks ago. I think I messed up the pattern stitch in one of the blocks and I may have to rip back a few rows. I started doing this one on straight needles and just bought a circular US5 since I couldn’t find any in all of my stash.

Cone Yarn Sock

This one is stalled on the needles. After the patterned sock is done, I’ll get back to this baby.

Cone Yarn Sock

New Novelty Yarn Scarf

When I was at the yarn store the other day for the circular US5, they had just gotten in boxes and boxes of a new Lana Grossa fur yarn called Pep Tiger. The colors were great, so I bought a bunch in case I decide to ever do another art/craft show. The Pep Tiger is about $1 less than most similar novelty fur yarns, has about 30 more yards, and is very soft. Made out of Microfiber and Nylon. I’m sure I can easily sell these scarfs for around $32 and still make about $9.00 per hour on the knitting.

Lana Grossa Scarf

Double Ruffle Scarf

Another stalled project. Here’s my excuse on this one. I can’t do crochet without watching what I’m doing, and that restricts when I can/want to work on this one. I know…lame.

Double Ruffle Scarf 05-26-03

I’ll write about future project ideas in another blog entry.

Discontinued Yarn Request

One of the good things about the KnitList is the ability to send out a request for a discontinued yarn to around 5,000 knitters. Chance are at least one person will have some of the requested yarn in their stash. I have one of those requests, but I thought I’d start by asking blog readers if they can help before going through the KnitList.

Years ago, I started a sweater for my sister-out-of-law made from Rowan Fox Fibre, California Cotton. I got the back and a portion of the front done, and then realized I was short at least two hanks of this yarn. I either lost some yarn, or had a brain mis-fire when I was planning the sweater.

So, if anyone has Rowan Fox Fibre, California Cotton in Shade CAL2 (Oyster) and would be willing to sell or trade it, I could go back and finish this sweater. My lot number is 0-4926, which is what I’m hoping for, since I don’t know how close each cotton harvest was since this yarn is not dyed. Here’s what it looks like on the hank in case you need to go by a visual.

Rowan Fox Fibre

Cute Knote Cards

I just checked out some great little knit-related cards on blog pal, Amber’s site.

Check out the note cards and postcards here.

The only thing I wish she had was a pack of note cards or postcards with a selection of her sister’s designs. Clever girl is forcing me to order two boxes of cards.

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