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You may have noticed I’ve included a countdown button from my birthday in the left panel. Let it never be said I didn’t give enough warning.

What do Knitters Want

There are a number of areas of interest in my non-knitting life. I love fountain pens and stationary. I love to read interesting novels. I enjoy gay-related things, and of course, food. It seems like these non-knitting related interests are the only areas where loved ones focus when buying me gifts. Here’s one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received (I bought it for myself):

Project Bag

Despite telling friends and family how much I love receiving knitting stuff, I never seem to get those kinds of gifts. So I thought I’d list those things that most knitters (including myself) would be thrilled to get (other than a gift certificate…which is always good too).

  • Needle sets, including:
  • Denise or Boye sets
  • Multiple sizes of wooden needles (Ebony, Birch, Walnut, etc.)
  • Set of bamboo double points in various sizes
  • Project bags, including:
    • Tapestry-like bags
  • Funky plastic bags (like the ones I’ve seen at Target)
  • Knitting cases for needles, accessories or sundries
  • Knitting books
  • Knitting machine
  • Sweater kits
  • Knit-related jewelry
  • Knit-related gift items, including:
    • Personalized labels
    • Cashmere
    • Manos
  • Any other high-end yarn recommended by yarn store
  • Knitting accessories, including
    • Nostepindes
    • Yarn swift
    • Ball winder
    •  Stitch markers, holders
    • Tape measure – Scissors
  •  Wooly Board
  • Other fiber-related items, including
    • Spinning paraphernalia
    • Looms
    • Crochet-related items
  • Clothes/Sweater Steamer

Why is it that non-knitters find it so daunting to give knitting gifts? Are they afraid you’ll already have it? Is knitting so daunting or mysterious to them that they wouldn’t possibly know where to start? Are they hoping that this fiber obsession will go away if they ignore it?

I realize most of the folks reading this are knitters, and I’m preaching to the choir, so to speak. But when I give gifts, I try to give things that the recipient is interested in. I plan on setting up a separate page dedicated to “What Gifts to Give to Knitters”, and keeping a link to it from my blog. Any other ideas of gifts you would enjoy getting as a knitter, I’ll include.


I’m almost through the second pattern repeat on the first sleeve. I continue to make slow, but persistent progress, and I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m also still secretly hoping that I can do a MAJOR blocking of this thing so that it will fit me. It would be great to be able to wear this masterpiece after all the work I put into it. Otherwise, I might have to offer it to my mother’s husband or someone else I know who is smaller than me, like a niece or something. Here’s how it’s looking at any rate.

Donegal 05-31-03

Knit Enthusiasts Unite

Just as an update, Amber won’t be able to join us because of a prior engagement and Marcus may decide he’d prefer to be biking (or joining Antonio in a…*cough*…knitting lesson). Since it’s scheduled to rain tomorrow, I hope Marcus decides to join us so Kathy can get some use out of her lobster bib. I’ll update you with pictures of however it turns out.


Well, there are two to speak of. First of all, Khebhin isn’t actually dead. From what he says, his cousin played a hoax, while Khebhin was away.

Second, Kate will resume blogging in June.

I have to admit, I never really believed Khebhin was dead, although I wanted to explain in my blog why I was removing his blog button, and why we weren’t going to hear from him anymore. It seemed odd to me that Khebhin had a knitting friend, Enos, that I had never heard of. But I certainly wasn’t going to express my cynicism about it on-line.

It seems that the resurrection is even a little more odd. Khebhin asked his homophobic cousin to oversee his e-mail while he went on an unannounced trip to Ireland. While he was gone, all Khebhin’s computer files were deleted, and his cousin announced to only one of Khebhin’s lists that he had died in a car crash. I’ll let you all draw your own conclusions about this strange turn of events.

I have also replaced Khebhin’s blog button with one for Amber’s site, Not So Swift.

I am glad that Kate will be blogging again.

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