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Conflicts of Interest

Of course I get personal gain from my blog. Why else would I write one?

Full Disclosure

I get an enormous amount of personal pleasure from writing my blog. That is the reason I write it. I have written to a number of folks in individual e-mails, that even if no one read my blog, I would still be writing one for my own personal satisfaction and to document my knitting progress and projects.

However, I do also have some indirect financial gain from writing this blog, and I didn’t want anyone to be surprised or shocked to find this information out.

I am friends with the owners of Simply Knit in Lambertville, NJ. I have known Carol Lapin (one of the owners) since her days at the now defunct Tomato Factory, when I worked there briefly on a part-time basis. As a courtesy to them, I also maintain their web site (as awful as it is) at no charge to them. In exchange, I get a discount on the yarn and knitting supplies that I get from Simply Knit. It’s usually about 20% off.

I also have a vested interest in having Simply Knit survive as a store so that when I retire from consulting in 8 or 9 years, I can be a partner in the store.

So in case possible conflicts of interest or financial gains from blogging or advertising are issues that concern you in blogs you read, I have just listed all possible conflicts.

More Reader Questions

Peter, our resident botanist expert was trying to identify what we think is a picture of Mexican Heather from a bad picture that provides very little perspective. Here’s a picture that more closely shows the size of the plant.

Back Deck

And here’s a closeup of the flowers and leaves.

Mexican Heather Closeup

Denise asks about a book with African pattern motifs.

I mentioned one book in a previous blog entry by Marianne Isager called Afrika (with whom I have no conflict of interest). The book is in Danish and has some lovely African motifs. I’m not sure if you’d be able to find it very easily.



I got very little opportunity to work on Donegal this week because of long hours at the office, and project team dinners after work.

I made some slight progress, and I still hope to finish this sweater this weekend. I’ve started using Wendy’s tip of kn

Who Put the “Queer” in QueerJoe?

I took this little “Am I Gay?” quiz and thought it was cute

The result said:

We think you are Gay

and we are 63.26% confident with our answer

I leave you with a moving collage of some of my favorite T.V. characters (lest there be ANY doubt in my sexuality).



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