Thank-You Notes 01-23-21 01


When you know how nice it is when someone is grateful to you, doesn’t it make sense to express gratitude

as often as you can?

Blog Readers

I kept meaning to publicly thank guttergrrl for providing me with an extensive list of yarn resources in the Albany area. She went out of her way to let me know about all the local fiber store options, where they were located and a brief description of what they had.

That’s just one example of how great the folks that read this blog are. I could name dozens, of them, so if you’re one of those folks, and I haven’t personally thanked you, I have no excuse, and you should yell at me for it. I wish I could publicly thank everyone who contributed in any way to this blog being a useful resource.

Antonio Is Coming…

…to town. He’ll possibly be in Lambertville this Sunday with his friend Will. Nothing formal is planned. I just wanted to finally get to meet this poor hapless knitter to whom I’ve provided sound knitting advice, a shoulder to cry on and countless hours of informal psychological counseling. I’m sure he will be exceedingly grateful for me taking time out of my busy schedule to meet with him.


As promised, I took some pictures of me wearing Donegal. As you can see, the sweater is a little small, but I’m sure that I can block it to a more appropriate size for me.

Mindless Knitting

This week, all I want to do is knit and purl on big needles and finish items quickly. So, I wouldn’t have considered bringing mini Chock-a-Block this week. I brought along four balls of the Lana Grossa Pep yarn. Soft, warm and furry, and knits up on US11’s. I’m doing simple scarfs to sell at any future craft shows I do

Pep Scarf

I’m planning on selling these for $28, which would allow me to make about $6 and hour after commission and cost of materials. Pathetic, huh?


A friend asked me to post a picture of me as a child (which I don’t have), so I post this picture of me as a 17 year old for your enjoyment and laughter.

Coleen and Joe

The woman is a good friend of mine from High School (she was 18 in this picture). I was (and still am) an incredible geek…but I liked/like that about myself.

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