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Bouncing Around

Doing mindless knitting can make it hard to get back to a more complex project.

Multiple Projects

With my mindless scarf knitting this past week, I was bouncing all over between multiple projects, but not making much progress on any of them.

I did some work on the kid alpaca bed spread/coffin cover. I worked on the second patterned sock. I did some additional work on the third novelty yarn scarf.

I did not do any work on vacation cone yarn sock, nor the double ruffle crochet scarf, nor the hemp side-to-side pullover.

New Design

I did also start the new Mini-Chock-a-Block pullover. It will be very similar to the original Chock-a-Block cardigan, except the squares will be smaller, there will be more colors and each block will have different pattern designs.

Here’s what it’s looking like so far:

Mini Chock-a-Block 06-21-03

I’m doing it in intarsia, using butterflies to track new yarns. Here’s a picture of the back with butterflies in progress. Unfortunately Gage finds these little dangling yarns irresistible, so I have to be very careful to keep this sweater put away, otherwise he’ll chew off each dangling butterfly.

Overall, I like the ribbing color very much, but I haven’t decided how I feel about the blocks of color. I’m hopeful it turns out as well as the first Chock-a-Block.

Antonio In Lambertville

If anyone is interested, Antonio is scheduled to come to Lambertville tomorrow (Sunday) at around 3:00. We’ll be meeting at Simply Knit.

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