Patterned Sock Done 1


The dichotomy of completion in knitting for me is feeling the emptiness of no longer having a project around, but also the satisfaction of coming to an ending point.

Multiple Projects

With all my bouncing around over this past weekend, I got a lot accomplished.

I finished the third novelty yarn scarf. I still have a couple of skeins of Pep left, so eventually I’ll do two more scarfs. I figure even if I don’t go back to the crafts sale, my friend who sells jewelry could easily sell these at one of her booth sales. I was going to post a picture of the latest scarf, but realized it looked exactly like the last one. I figured I’d help the dial-up crowd by slimming down the bandwidth a little.

I also finished the second sock with the Opal-like pattern sock yarn from Lana Grossa. They came out well, and I’d gladly knit these socks anytime. Next time I use a self patterning sock yarn, I’ll do the striping pattern, but I honestly wish I could determine the stripe colors myself. One of these days when I’m spinning and dyeing my own wool, I might consider it.

Patterned Sock Done 1

I figured you might want to see me modeling these lovely socks as well. It’s so easy to fit socks using the toe-up method.

Patterned Sock On Feet

Mini Chock-a-Block

Finally, I got a lot of work done on the new sweater. I’m about halfway done with the back now, and I’m liking the color composition more and more. It’s difficult to get a decent picture that shows both the color and the patterning, especially when I haven’t blocked it yet, but this will give you an idea of the colors at least.

Mini Chock-a-Block 06-24-03

I will have to say that some of the pattern stitch designs (which you can’t see very well), aren’t knitting up as well as I had hoped. But it does make the sweater interesting to knit with doing a different pattern stitch in each block. I also think the patterns will emerge a little more clearly after blocking.

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