Blog Vacation

Blog vacation starts today, and blogging will resume at the end of next week.

Vacation Knitting

First of all, I decided that I would knit some socks for my niece while I was on vacation. If I finish them while I’m there, I’ll leave them with her, if not, I’ll send them along afterwards. I bought some striping Regia in bright oranges and pinks with maroon. I think she’ll like them.


Mini Chock-a-Block

While I was at the yarn store, it was like a mini reunion. I got to see Carol, CC and Nadine. They were all quite excited about MCaB, and asked me if I would leave it in the store so they could show the Unicorn Books editor, who was scheduled to be there on Saturday. I’ll be interested to hear his reaction.

Then Kathy came in with her daughter, so it turned out to be a fun and social visit.

I did start the front of MCaB, although not much to speak of.

Mini Chock-a-Block 07-02-03

Next Design Ideas

Finally, I’m not planning on starting the new design until I’m finished with MCaB or unless I get extremely bored with it, which isn’t likely, since it’s moving along very quickly.

When I was trying out contrast colors in the yarn store yesterday, Kathy reversed her decision. Number three in the color chart I posted yesterday doesn’t show up quite as nicely as it does in person (although Marilyn seems to have a keen eye).

I think what I’ll do is make the roll neck collar in Ivy (yarn #3), and then do multiple collars in different colors. Since the collars don’t take very long, and I have dozens of Jamieson’s colors, it might be fun to be able to change collar colors anytime I want.

See you all when I get back.

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