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QueerJoe Returns

Vacation isn’t quite over, but I’m back home and blogging again.


First of all, vacation has been great. Two weeks away from work has been a wonderful relief. We had incredible weather while up in Martha’s Vineyard. Even when the forecast was for rain for the cape, the Vineyard had clear, sunny weather. We also got to do a lot of my favorite things. There was a lot of tanning, swimming, and eating.

Here’s a picture of the house where we stayed.

Vineyard House

And another of the view from the “backyard”.

Vineyard Backyard

I’m also glad to see that Velma is back from her “vacation” too. I missed her blog and her energy.

Vacation Knitting

The socks for my niece came out beautifully. I was able to make two almost perfect twins. There is a minor difference, because I ended up starting the heal one row early on the second sock, but it’s hardly noticeable.

Niece Socks

Since my niece has very narrow feet, it was nice to be able to make her a pair of custom-made socks that fit her perfectly.

I made very fast progress on these socks, so when it looked like I would be done with them by Saturday, I stalled on them a little. After I finished them on Sunday, I decided I needed a swatch of the Regia for my local yarn store, so I made this and taught my niece how to knit a little too.

Regia Swatch

I realized as I was nearing the end of the first sock, that I had forgotten to bring a darning needle with me. Since the socks were made toe-up, I needed to be able to simulate a stretchy bind off, so I did it with my double pointed needles. It took me forever, but it worked out fine. By the time the second sock was complete, my sister-out-of-law had found some good darning needles for me at the local grocery store.

See?!? Perfect vacation.

Mini Chock-a-Block

I will resume knitting on the Mini Chock-a-Block sweater today.

I don’t know what the reaction of the editor from Unicorn was. I was on vacation when he was there this past weekend, and the ladies from Simply Knit are on vacation now. I’ll have to wait a week or so till the store re-opens.

As always, I’ll keep you updated with pictures and and reaction I find out.

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