Family Christmas 2017

Visiting Family

The knitting niece will be visiting with my sister and brother-out-of-law this week.

In-Laws, Out-of-Laws

For those of you who aren’t aware, Thaddeus and I aren’t legally allowed to get married in this country except in Vermont, and even then it’s not recognized in any other state, nor by the federal government. So for instance, if a legally married person in this country were to die, his spouse would automatically get all of his possessions unless otherwise set up in a will. In the same situation, my mother would get all of my belongings ignoring my 20 year relationship with Thaddeus.

That’s why I call Thaddeus’ sister and brother-in-law, my sister-out-of-law or brother-out-of-law.

Anyway, they’re visiting this weekend to go to a local wedding and leaving us to watch the 12 year-old niece while they go to the wedding. She’s the same niece that I made the socks for when we stayed with them at Martha’s Vineyard and who asked me to help her learn to knit.

We’ve got some things scheduled which may slow up my knitting some, but hopefully I’ll make good progress anyway.

Mini Chock-a-Block

I’m up to the seventh row of blocks on the front, so I’ve been moving along pretty well. At this pace, I may finish the front this weekend.

Mini Chock-a-Block 07-19-03

I’m debating how I will do the sleeves on this pullover. Should I just continue the same pattern of blocks, or should I do a solid color sleeve with one column of blocks down the center?

Sleeve Options

New Project

I have been a little busy with my knitting. In the wee hours of the night last night, I also started the baby blanket for my co-worker’s new baby boy.

Joseph Blanket 07-19-03

It’s hard to see yet, but I’m doing a King Charles Brocade pattern with a garter eyelet border. It might take me a while depending on how much time I can allocate to this project. Hopefully I can get it done soon enough to make it a relevant gift.

Reader Questions (all from Kathy)

Q. Joe, dear, can you explain, for the tasteless among us, what are the badly designed elements of the fair isle bathrobe?

A. Mostly it’s the colorway and size of the Fair Isle design. Pink and black are a hideous combination usually, especially that pink. The gargantuan Fair Isle standard patterns make it clumsy looking.

Q. Is it too contrasty?

A. Like Alice, I have never been a fan of using black or white in multi-color designs. This one uses both. But not too contrasty.

Q. Do you hate the PINKness?

A. I hate everything about the pinkness in this garment. I’m not at all averse to well-used pink.

Q. Are you, as a forty-something, fearful of admitting you like the “cozy” aspect?

A. No, as a bathrobe, this garment shape would be fine. It was designed as a coat. Ugh! I like cozy, as long as it’s refined cozy. A good example is Marilyn’s Cashmerino sweater that we saw. Very cozy and warm.

Q. Am I being too sensitive?

A. I’ll let the readers decide/vote on this question ๐Ÿ™‚

Meet Up

I’d be more than glad to meet up any weekend. Rosemont Cafe or our regular Lambertville deal would be perfectly fine. Just let me know the time and place or if you need me to coordinate any of it.

As far as I’m concerned everyone can come. The more the merrier.

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