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Fiber Sense

Understanding fiber and fabric and color is a something that someone seems to either have an aptitude for, or doesn’t. Maybe Fiber Sense is the sixth sense…”I see dyeing people.”

Knitting Integrity

These thoughts started with the knitting niece when she “invented” foot warmers. While foot warmers will never make it big in commercial or knitting circles, I was impressed that she found a use for these useless tubes we got out of the Barbie Knitting machine. I was also impressed with how she decided she liked the reverse stockinette instead of the “correct” side. I agreed with her that the reverse stockinette showed a much more interesting patterning.

Knitting Integrity

Another thing that sparked this entry was a comment in Amber’s blog about how she’s combining colors for her current City of Light project. Not only does she subject herself to the standard rules of color combination, but she also maintains that other factors must be considered when combining the mill-ends of yarn she’s using. Such as who gave her the yarn or what project it was from. I’ve always thought that the only thing important in design is what you declare to be important. I like when brave knitters like Amber elect to declare interesting aspects of knitwear design important, and then stick to those declarations.

Al Roker has a blog?

So it seems.

Al Roker

Al’s Journal

I’ve never been a big fan of Al’s, despite the fact that “Today” is my morning show of choice during the week. But I have to admit, his blog lets me see a little bit more personal view of him, and I like him a little better after having read his writing.

Mini Chock-a-Block

Well, I finally finished the eight row, and now I just need to decide on when to start the neck shaping. It should be soon. It’s going to be crew-neck or a very shallow v-neck (because that’s what I look good in). I think I’ll just start where I am and just fill in as much as I have to with a collar treatment. It will make the remainder of the front knitting easier.

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